Sugar spheres

Due to the unique manufacturing process the pharm-a-spheresTM sugar spheres have the advantage of high sphericity and high mechanical strength in comparison to similar products. The pharm-a-spheresTM sugar spheres are conform to international pharmacopoeias as the Ph.Eur. and the USP/NF.

According to the monographs they are made of the indifferent and natural ingredients sucrose and corn (maize) starch. An FDA drug master file (DMF) is available.

Production and testing are carried-out at a high level in conformance to an ISO 9001 quality management system and to the IPEC (International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council) GMP guide.

A sophisticated combination of technological capabilities and analytical skills allows us to fulfill every specification of particle size. The pharm-a-spheresTM sugar spheres are available in the full range from 100 to 500 micrometers (microspheres) and from 0.5 to 2 millimeters (standard spheres).

A large in-house laboratory, specialized in sugar spheres, guarantees conformity to standards and provides certificates of analysis as well as special data about characteristics required.

More than three decades of experience with the manufacturing of sugar spheres are the basis of a broad knowledge for our customer's sake. Numerous publications illustrate this.

The available standard sizes are:
Sugar spheres
diametermesh ASTM   diametermesh ASTM
106 µm 140 500 µm 35
125 µm 120 600 µm 30
150 µm 100 710 µm 25
180 µm 80 850 µm 20
212 µm 70 1000 µm 18
250 µm 60 1180 µm 16
300 µm 50 1400 µm 14
355 µm 45 1700 µm 12
425 µm 40 2000 µm 10
Other sizes available. Please ask us for special items.